Mr. Natty

Mr Natty was launched in 2011 by Matt Raine and Matt Brooke. Raine (left) is a classically trained British Royal Court Barber and hairdresser who is an expert in his industry working with fashion models, rock stars and royalty. Brooke (right) is a creative director and photographer who has worked with some of the biggest fashion magazines, celebrities and most prestigious fashion brands in the world.

Together, they launched Mr Natty which offers an ever evolving range of hair, beard, skin and shave products all sourced and produced in the UK. It is targeted at the man who appreciates authenticity, originality and humour in his daily grooming regime. It was their belief that they were missing something from their packed bathroom cabinets: something that spoke to them. So, instead of grumbling, they went out and made what they wanted. Luckily, other men wanted it too. That was a massive relief.





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