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Een kwaliteitszegel wat tekenend is voor het aloude vakmanschap van Mühle: de handmatige productie van dassenharen borstels. Slechts een paar deskundigen beheersen dit beroep wat traditionele instrumenten, een scherp oog en vaardige vingers vereist. Zilvertip dassenhaar is kostbaar, dus elke stap bij het inbinden van de borstels moet worden uitgevoerd tot in de perfectie. Mühle stelt deze hoge eisen ook als het gaat de kwaliteit van de materialen geselecteerd voor de handgrepen van borstels en scheerapparaten. Metalen zoals roestvrij staal en messing vereisen een extreem zorgvuldige behandeling. Speciale legeringen en coatings zoals chroom en nikkel zorgen voor de schoonheid, lange levensduur en uitstekende prestaties van de collecties. Er wordt dezelfde zorg besteed aan de selectie van de natuurlijke grondstoffen gebruikt om Mühle zeep te Maken, Scheercrèmes en lotions.



De woorden "Het kan niet worden gedaan" kwamen nooit over de lippen van oprichter PB. Toen, in 1945, hij de eerste scheerkwasten geladen op door paarden getrokken voertuigen had ze verscheept naar de Nieuwe Wereld. Zijn zoon Hans -Jürgen Müller leid Mühle- Pinsel door moeilijke tijden, het bereiken van herprivatisering in 1990 en het transformeren van de business tot een moderne industriële onderneming met de nadruk op de productie. Onder leiding van Christian en Andreas Müller en 25 medewerkers produceren ze nu meer dan 1,5 miljoen borstels per jaar. Dertig procent is bestemd zijn voor de internationale markten . Vakmanschap, oriëntatie op design en moderne technologieën op het terrein zorgen voor een continue groei. Ondanks een innovatieve aanpak, de derde generatie blijft trouw aan haar erfgoed: "Onze klanten zijn het middelpunt van ons werk, we blijven gedreven door hun tevredenheid en hun behoeften”.






Edition #1

Carbon is an element which occurs naturally in a wide variety of forms. Carbon compounds are even to be found in diamonds. Engineers and active racing experts enthuse about the carbon used in industry. Aesthetes love above all the fine light reflections created by the dark material. Following a complex development process we use this challenging material for the innovative design of the MÜHLE EDITION No. 1. In doing so, we work the conventional, flexible fibrous structures by hand in a special process which is unique throughout the world. Individual blanks – which later become the handles of brushes and razors – are covered with the weave. Then they are placed in a form where the fibres are evenly aligned and soaked and cured with high-grade resin in several work steps. This produces the gleaming surfaces with their dynamic reflections.

edition1.jpg Edition #2

Made from the finest natural lacquer, MÜHLE EDITION No. 2 is precious and incomparably beautiful. Applied manually in wafer-thin layers, lacquer has long been a symbol of perfection and aestheticism. The first evidence of lacquer art dates back to the year 300 B.C. The craft of processing the resin of the Asian lacquer tree has been perfected continuously over the millennia. In the ancient world, red and black – and later more colours – were applied in several layers. After curing, the work pieces are once again treated, polished, painted or engraved. Urushi is the name given to this artistic craft in Japan, and the expressions Japanese or Chinese lacquer are frequently used. Our Edition series is created under the same conditions: the total absence of dust, the manual application of numerous layers and several polishing procedures. The less material used, the finer and deeper the shine.


Matured personalities with character are considered sophisticated. Noble elegance and perfection lend them an unmistakable appearance. It is not for nothing that our SOPHIST collection is regarded as a design classic which symbolises the archetype of traditional shaving culture. Connoisseurs love the harmonious combination of classic form and the best materials. Only the solid horn tips are processed into handle models made of buffalo horn. Grenadilla wood is also used to make fine musical instruments. Porcelain, the white gold of China, has been a cultural commodity since time immemorial. Model variants made of polished high-grade resin, which is also used for other luxurious accessories, are equally beautiful.



Concentrating on the essential is an art. PURIST dispenses with all that is superfluous. The series is characterised by its gently rounded handles with a broadly shaped neck. Briar wood from root tubers of the Mediterranean Erica plant familiar from the world of fine tobacco is used, as are high-grade black resin, ebony and dark horn. This series embraces interchangeable brush heads in the hair grades silvertip badger, fine badger and synthetic.



A shaving kit in a conical shape: The result is a revolution in the history of wet shav ing products. Our STYLO series combines chrome with high-grade resin, African Blackwood and thuja, also known as the tree of life. African Blackwood is highly water resistant by nature. Thuja surfaces are sealed in a special process and therefore absolutely 100 percent water resistant. This series offers interchangeable brush heads in three hair grades: silvertip, fine badger and synthet- ic, as well as three different shaving systems.




At home everywhere, with an open mind for new worlds and experiences: the cosmopolitan is the role model for the development of this modern series with its contemporary, elegant design. Its special appeal is achieved not least by our richly traditional, handcrafted materials in premium quality, e.g. horncoloured or black high-grade resin. For the natural materials we have chosen olive wood in warm shades and bog oak as a darker contrast. Selected sections of wood from trunks up to 3,000 years old are used. Simple, highquality chrome rims accentuate the beautiful surfaces of the handle materials. Like many of our design series, KOSMO is available with exchangeable brush heads.


The LISCIO series presents itself with a perfected design and a richer choice of materials and shaving systems. The straightforward, clear styling impress with ist aesthetics and ergonomics. Besides handles made of high-grade resin in the colours black, horn brown and white, a version in brown ash wood is available which is more resistant and long-lasting thanks to a special thermal treatment. The handle materials are combined with lower sections made of chrome-plated brass, creating particularly refined accents.


The RYTMO series stands for eye-catching, timeless design: the conical form is interrupted at the chrome-plated base by distinctive lines. As with other traditional forms, this design principle ensures a snug fit when hung in the holder. RYTMO is provided in the high-grade resin variants black, stone and dove blue. The series is also optionally available in thermally treated ash wood. All colour and material variants are especially accentuated by the gleaming, chrome-plated base. 

In the design of the holder a small plastic rim is bonded directly to the metal. This principle guarantees the optimum purchase of brushes and razors, as well as reliably protecting the shiny chrome surfaces against scratching.

The new VIVO series from MÜHLE further develops and reinterprets the classic design vocabulary of its predecessors. The slightly bulbous shape of the handle tapers down to the chrome-plated base. The opposite curve of the brush and razor base is a typical stylistic feature of classic design which at the same time guarantees a secure fit in a specially developed holder. The handles made of high-grade resin are manufactured in the colours horn brown, black and ivory, or made of reddish, gleaming plum wood. Both the exclusive high-grade resin polished to a glossy finish and the natural surface of the wood are pleasant to the touch. In the combination of form, weight and surface quality the brushes and razors satisfy not only aesthetic, but also ergonomic requirements. 

For the production of the holders, MÜHLE uses a new procedure which makes it possible to bond plastic to the metal. This creates a support which accommodates the brush and razor perfectly and guarantees a firm grip. In addition, the shiny chrome surfaces are protected against scratching.





argainoil.jpg   Mühle Organic 

Organic is een serie natuurlijke verzorgingsproducten voor het gezicht, lichaam en haar. Natuurlijke grondstoffen vormen de basis. Het hoofdingrediënt, Arganolie, wordt met de hand gewonnen en verhandeld op fair trade basis. De stof is rijk aan vitamine E en anti-oxidanten deze regenereren en hydrateren de huid. Verder wordt Arganolie beschouwd als een effectief anti-aging middel.


  Muhle Sandalwood

Met fijne geurtonen van koriander en steranijs is deze verzorgingslijn echt een topper te noemen. Een warme, sensuele geurcompositie met een balsamico hout noot. Deze is verkregen uit extracten van Indonesisch sandelhout. De lotion verlicht irritatie en voorkomt uitdroging. De gezichtshuid is gekalmeerd en gevoed. Verkrijgbaar in scheerzeep en aftershave lotion.
Muhle Sea Buckthorn

Verzorgingslijn met fijne geurtonen van limoen en sinaasappel. Mineralen en spoorelementen voeden en vernieuwen de huid en de zintuigen. Het sea buckthorn of duindoorn extract is verkregen uit de vruchten van planten in de Duitse Baltische regio. De producten zijn rijk aan waardevolle vitamine C en antioxidanten. Onder andere verkrijgbaar als scheerzeep en aftershave.
aloevera.jpg   Muhle Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is een verzorginslijn van Muhle met een verkwikkende, frisse compositie van eikenmos en munt geuren. Verkregen uit aloe planten in de kustgebieden van Spanje. Geselecteerde natuurlijke ingrediënten kalmeren en verfrissen de huid. Aloë Vera regenereert en hydrateert. Onder andere verkrijgbaar als scheerzeep en aftershave.

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