Jao Face Crème Sensitive Skin - 57g Tube

Suggested Retail Price : € 69,50
Article number: JAO-FACE-SENS

Face Crème Sensitive Skin is the original formula without essential oils.

Drench your skin in the power of the plum. Made with 99% naturally derived ingredients and 3 anti-aging compounds which have been clinically tested and recognized by dermatologists to combat thinning, crepey skin. Soothes skin after exposure to the elements.

Evaluated by an independent lab, our Face Crème raises the acid level of the skin with a pH rating of 4.94-5.05. Translation: With increasing age, the skin’s pH becomes less acidic and thus more susceptible to bacterial growth. Face Crème increases the skin hydration level within 1 to 3 hours after application and was found to increase the skin elasticity level within 3 weeks after application.

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