Baxter of California

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Baxter of California

Baxter of California stands for superior hair, skin, shave and base products for men. The products of this American trendsetting company are designed for the specific needs of men's skin. The creams and soaps can be described as simple and powerful. The formulas consist of a combination of modern technology and natural ingredients and are ideal for all skin types. The Californian man is enthusiastic. From guy-next-door to movie star, everyone has it in their bathroom.

Since 1965, top-notch products have proven that premium doesn't have to be pretentious. Performance is everything. Each formula has been tested by the renowned Baxter Finley Barber + Shop in Los Angeles. Today, mens grooming is hot and happening. You only have to open a men's magazine or products are recommended. Years ago, Baxter Finley was at the cradle of these men's care products.

Intershave is distributor of Baxter of California.

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