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Merkur Solingen

The Merkur company was founded in 1896 by Emil Hermes. Since another company was already registered in Solingen with the name Hermes at that time, he chose the brand name “MERKUR”, the Roman equivalent of the divine messenger Hermes. Merkur has patented several of its classic models over the years. In 1996, Merkur's largest customer, Dovo, took over the company. Since then, the traditional production of safety razors has been under the same roof as that of the Dovo straight razor.

Merkur is specialized in the production of safety razors. These are produced with the same craftsmanship in Solingen. The extensive range includes many classics with open or closed comb such as the Merkur 50C Progress and the Merkur "Heavy Duty" 34C. When you buy a Merkur or Dovo razor, you buy German craftsmanship and top quality!

Intershave is the distributor of Merkur Solingen

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