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Jao Brand

Jao Brand was founded in 1997 by the American Gale Mayron, daughter of a chemist, based on her belief in healthy, natural and multifunctional beauty products for sustainable use. "The less you buy, the less you consume, the less you throw away" is her motto. Mayron uses only the very best ingredients for its products, 100% natural and not tested on animals. Much attention is also paid to the design of the packaging. Each product has its own identity, which can be characterized as 'global cool'. Jao Brand develops their products in such a way that they can be used by both women and men.

Jao is a mystical word found on a 2000 year old amulet that could prevent and cure disease. Jao Brand's line is inspired by this. The products are a synthesis of ancient pharmacopoeia and modern science. Jao uses only the very best ingredients in its totally original, niche brand products.

When Gale was a child, her father David was already a research and development chemist for a large Philadelphia company. In this way she developed knowledge and interest about the effect of substances and ingredients at a young age. Because of the interest, she came up with the idea in 1994 for a product that makes it possible to wash your hands while you were on the road. Gale and her father did research for 2 years after they started putting together a formula that became the basis for the first product, Jao Hand Refersher. The company was launched in 1997.

Intershave is the exclusive distributor of Jao Brand for Europe.

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