Recipe for Men

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recipe for men

Recipe for Men

Scandinavia is the ideal place to test skin care products. Scandinavian urban life can be a problem for your skin. Especially during the long winters when the air is cold and extremely dry. Add to that a portion of urban air pollution and it is a real ordeal. This makes Scandinavia the ideal place to test skin care products.

The products of Recipe for Men have been developed and tested under the most difficult conditions in Sweden. The result is a revolutionary new skin care line with exceptional moisturizing and protective properties.

Recipe for Men is pure hydration and energy for your skin. The products consist of the best ingredients in the world. The active ingredients have been carefully selected to meet the needs of men. The oil-free texture guarantees rapid absorption and minimizes shiny skin.

Conceptually, Recipe for Men stands for logical skincare without hassle. Innovative, functional packaging and very descriptive names make the products easy to understand and use. Recipe does not tell you that your wrinkles will decrease by 70 percent or that your hair will be doubled. Recipe for Men promises you fresher and smoother skin and a pleasant look & feel. And that's what good skincare products are supposed to do.

Intershave is official distributor of Recipe for Men Benelux

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