Five Oceans

five oceans

Five Oceans

A Swedish Innovation in Environmental Technology

Five Oceans is more than just a product and a brand. Five Oceans is a completely new green technology from Sweden, developed to produce washing- and cleaning products that are as efficient as the market leaders’ - but with significantly less impact on the waterways, oceans and marine ecosystems. Five Oceans has developed a new technology for cleaning and washing – based on locally grown, natural and biodegradable ingredients. The cleaning power comes from sugar based surfactants that is biodegradable and has extremely low water toxicity.

Five Ocean's products require between 90 and 97 percent less water to neutralize the products' impact on the aquatic environment than similar products with comparable performance.

The caring properties comes from locally and organically grown oats. We call this invention Oatium XR®. The patented molecule conditions textile fibers and reinforces the fiber structure for a softer texture and feel. Oatium XR® also shortens drying time and helps bind the microfiber in the fabric to prevent them from escaping into the wastewater.

The result is a high-perfomance product line for the home, with unique potential to improve the water footprint of our daily lives.

Intershave is the exclusive distributor of Five Oceans for the Benelux.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your company? Then contact us.

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