Plisson 1808

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plisson 1808

Plisson 1808

The history of Plisson is part of the great tradition of French luxury. Founded in Paris in 1808, Plisson is the oldest shaving brush factory in the world. The Manufacture quickly acquired great notoriety and became Napoleon's official supplier. For a long time, the symbol of the brand was the eagle in tribute to Napoleon. A myth was born.

Today Plisson is a family business that continues to innovate in the world of male beauty. Plisson offers a complete range of shaving products: razors, shaving brushes (natural or synthetic fibre bristles), cosmetics, hairbrushes, beard and moustache. The manufacture is always developing more and more natural, responsible products, and of course produced in France with a unique know-how transmitted from generation to generation.

Intershave is official distributor of Plisson.

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