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Prospector Co.

Prospector Co. has its origins in Savannah, a historic city with a creative vibe in the southern United States. In this environment, founder Kyle Hinton worked with conviction for years on the perfect beard oil: a healthy, nourishing product for beard and skin. With a woody and masculine character, Burroughs Beard Oil quickly developed into a true cult product among the creative scene. After that it was quickly picked up by a wider audience.

What started in 2010 with Burroughs Beard Oil has grown into a mature skin-care and lifestyle brand in just six years. In the years following the launch of his first creation, Hinton added a range of care products for men and women to the range: cleansers, shaving creams, shampoos and (home) fragrances. Quality and purity are always the starting point.

All products from Prospector Co. are created with attention to sensitive skin and manufactured with honest, natural ingredients and formulations with proven influence. The formulas are free from artificial fragrances and colors. Each product is prepared by hand, so that the circulation remains relatively limited.

What is special is that each product is dedicated to a historical personality, ranging from John Burroughs to Annie Jones. Together with the basic design of the packaging, this makes Prospector Co. into a unique product line.

Intershave is distributor of Prospector Co.

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