RCOM01 - Unisex Safety Razor - Stone

Suggested Retail Price : € 39
Article number: RCOM01

MÜHLE introduces "The COMPANION". The first true unisex safety razor. Designed with diversity in mind, the knife is suitable for use on body and face.

The design of the blade offers good protection to prevent cuts and scratches. Easy to use and ideal for anyone who wants to start shaving with a double-sided razor. Blade exposure is kept to a minimum to allow for a close yet gentle shave. With a longer handle, The COMPANION is ideal for shaving legs, head, neck and shoulders. The fingerprint design on the handle provides a good grip and contributes to the 'companion concept': something that is individual, personal and intimate. There is a handy hanging cord on the handle, available in 4 colors.

Handle length 10.5 Total length is 11.2 cm

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