Sea Buckthorn Aftershave Lotion 125ml

Suggested Retail Price : € 23,95
Article number: ASL-SD

A high-quality shaving lotion for you every shave. The skin needs a caring treatment to restore its balance. 

How is this possible? The basic ingredient of this light and cooling elixir is pure, clear water. Besides that, it only contains the best additions. For example Hamamelis which is also known as witch hazel. The wizardry of this nut leads to a closing of skin pores, experts also refer to its astringent function. Additionally, extracts from sugar beet and reed soothe the itching and boost the resistance of cells against UV radiation. 

No less important is the fruity-fresh scent of this exquisite lotion.The soothing sea buckthorn oil inhibits skin irritation after shaving, supports the regeneration of the cell structure and protects the skin.

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