Natural Beard Booster 30 ml

Suggested Retail Price : € 23,00
Article number: BV115

Beviro has developed the Natural Beard Booster for all beards that could use some help. Beard Booster helps to moisturize the skin, stimulate the follicles of the beard and energize. Thus, it helps strengthen beards and give it a fuller look.

Booster works thanks to cressatin and guarana. These ingredients work together to provide more energy to the cells of the beard and support growth. Other aids include biotin, herbal extracts, keratin, panthenol and other nourishing oils for both beard and skin. It is suitable for men with irregular or starting beard. Even if you already have a good foundation, you can improve it even more with Booster.

Made in the Czech Republic. Such as ale Beviro products. Contains 90% natural ingredients.

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