Lightweight Face Moisturizer - 50 g

Suggested Retail Price : € 30,00
Article number: BV427

We were about to say that skin hydration is not rocket science, but it wouldn't be true, because there is plenty of science behind our face moisturizer. There's apple water in it instead of regular water. Then there is almond oil, coenzyme Q10, panthenol and other time-tested hydrating ingredients. On top of all that it contains a wide array of extracts and enzymes, all of them with very scientific names, all of them as natural as possible. Nature and science, that's what we're all about. Our lightweight face moisturizer is the right fit for normal and oily skin. It doesn't burden the skin by being overly greasy, plus it offers a matte effect. Even thought it's light, it still is a hydrating heavy-weight.

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